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Title: Coming Into Us
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~12,000
Summary: Jun’s campus job takes him to the restricted section of Keio’s main library, where he finds Sho in a magazine.
Warning: mastubation with porn magazine, sex in public place, hint of one-sided Aiba/Sho
Author’s note: This is for the fic exchange in [ profile] sakumoto. Written for [profile] mylittlecthulhu[ profile] mylittlecthulhu. I've done some final twitchs here and there so this is gonna a bit different from the com's posts.

In case I didn’t deliver it clearly, in this universe, Sho was born off the rich and had to take over family’s business right after college. Jun’s family owned a farm in Sasebo, Nagasaki and he was currently in Keio. Sho was about four years older than Jun.

To [ profile] mylittlecthulhu: I tried to feature as many of your promts as I can and this is what I ended up with. I am not sure this is what you have in mind, and if not, I hope at least you enjoy it.

And I have to pay my token of thanks to the mod for her endless patience and to the beta, who has done a great job straightening my flawed English. Thank you both, so much. ♥

Sho had never said he didn’t mind stripping down for everyone to see )
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Title: Fake memories and true loves
Pairing: Goda Takeshi/Kamiyama Satoru
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Swearings
Word count: 1,625
Disclaimer: ONLY the plot is mine.
Note: This is the first fan fiction I have ever completed. Unbeta-ed. Constructive criticism is welcome. Written for challenge 001 on soba_pair@LJ

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